2007 NEWS -JANUARY 24, 2007

DMCI-MPIC won the bid for Maynilad and established a 50-50 joint
venture with Metro Pacific Investments Corporation (MPIC) which is the
DMCI-MPIC Water Company (DMCI-MPIC), that won the bid to acquire 84% stake
on Maynilad and last January 24, 2007, a formal turnover was
held in Malacanang Palace

Maynilad holds a 25-year exclusive concession, granted by
Metropolitan Water Sewerage System (MWSS) on behalf of
the Philippine Government, to provide water and sewerage
services in the west zone of Metro Manila. Maynilad covers 9
cities and 3 municipalities in Metro Manila, and one city and
5 municipalities in the province of Cavite. Maynilad currently
supplies 2,100 million liters per day (mld) to about 6 million
people in the west zone area.





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